Did A Misread CT Scan Lead To My Misdiagnosis?

By: J. Renee Boston, Esq.

A CT Scan is a computer generated form of medical imaging. It is more in-depth than the standard x-ray mainly because of its in-depth layered view.

With a more in-depth view of an injured/ailing or diseased organ, or other body part, the radiologist (person who analyzes the scans) can more closely evaluate the area to determine the level of injury, damage, or disease.

So with a CT scan, medical observations and diagnoses should make for better and more effective treatment, right? Generally speaking advances in technology have made medical diagnoses faster and more efficient.

However, problems can arise when trained medical professionals fail to properly view and analyze CT scans. This can lead to misdiagnosis. Misdiagnosis can come in the form of ineffective treatment, failure to properly diagnose and treat, and in some instances the removal of organs and limbs that are healthy.

An inaccurately read scan is a common problem when scans are actually used.

( CT Scan of the head area)

This article is just to point out to you, the reader, common mistakes
being made regarding diagnosis and surgery through the use of CT scans. If you suspect that a misdiagnosis has occurred regarding you or a loved one based on a misread CT scan, the first thing you would need to do is obtain a copy of your medical records, including the scans if possible. Next, have them viewed by an independent medical professional.

If you do not have an independent medical professional, contact a serious injury attorney in your state. The attorney should have a medical expert available to assist you further in your case.

Thanks for reading and make it a great Tuesday!

J. Renee Boston, Esq.


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